EDDM is a simple and easy to use direct mail tool to target specific geographical locations. In recent years many businesses have shifted to a more balanced approach to marketing, using both online and offline channels. EDDM is a great way to spur growth by saturating entire neighborhood—all without the cost of purchasing mailing lists. Instead, you select postal routes within a specific zip code using the USPS’s easy to use the EDDM mapping tool.

Design and Print

The size flexibility of EDDM offers a wide range of mail piece sizes. Choose from smaller formats that allow for a punchy and compelling call to action or larger formats that give you room to tell the full story of the products and service you offer. With EDDM there is one low postal rate that covers all the different sizes that you can use for your mail piece. Our designers will work closely with you to create a piece that will stand out in the mailbox.


The EDDM program is a flat rate of $0.178 per piece, making EDDM highly economical. The low postage rate coupled with the fact you don’t need to purchase mailing lists makes EDDM a great low-cost marketing tool. 


We have an experienced staff that will take all the work out of getting your direct mail campaign designed, printed and in the mail. Contact us today to get started!


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